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Meet Winnie the sassy, snugly, playful 4 year old Cavapoo AKA Cavoodle

”It was a random outing to Bayshore to buy a sweater. I stopped in the pet store, saw her face and had to have her. I wasn’t shopping or even looking for a dog but once I held her, I knew she had to come home with me. I surprised my boyfriend who was unsure at first but now they are best friends.” - Ashlee

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When asked why she decided to get professional pet photography done she replied:

“As a black dog, I find it very hard to get pictures of her that capture her facial expressions. She usually just looks like a black blob in my photos.”😂

Check out how Winnie did on their session here:

What is a Cavapoo?

The Cavoodle is a crossbreed dog, the offspring of a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Cavoodle became especially popular through crossbreeding programs in Australia in the late 1990s. The Cavoodle has since become one of Australia's most popular breeds.

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What is the Cavapoo’s temperament like?

Cavapoos are fun-loving and can be good playmates for children who are at least six years old. Younger children should be supervised carefully any time they are with a small dog such as a Cavapoo. Even though he’s pretty sturdy, if they accidentally fall on or hit the dog, they could hurt him.

Cavapoos have a moderate activity level that is adaptable to their owner’s lifestyle. They need a good walk or active indoor playtime each day. If you’re interested (and the dog's overall health is good -- your veterinarian can help determine that), they are athletic enough to participate in dog sports such as agility, obedience and rally. Cavapoos are good at playing fetch and will chase a ball endlessly.

Both of the breeds used to create Cavapoos tend to be smart and learn quickly. If you begin socialization and training early, keep training sessions short and fun, and use positive reinforcement techniques such as praise, play and food rewards. You will be rewarded with a wonderful companion.

For more information on this breed click here.

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Curious about having your pet’s picture taken?

“Hi, my name is Beth Alexander and I am a Pet Photographer that services the Ottawa to Cornwall area.

I believe that all life is beautiful, and that we need to protect and respect all kinds, not just mankind.

I LOVE being a pet photographer, it's the best of both worlds! I get to meet awesome animal lovers like me and I get to hang out with their amazing pets.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s chat soon."