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The puppy phase does not last! They change so rapidly within the first year- it’s too easy to forget how tiny they were when they first came home, and how quickly they grow up.

Meet Wallace an affectionate one year old protector.

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When asked, Amy explained that she had gotten Wallace because they have a Boxer named Eddie and he really needed a sibling because every pet should have a furry friend to play with!😊

“It’s so cute when Wallace crawls up to my face in bed. It doesn’t matter which position he is in, he manages to make his way up to me. His signature crawls are: weird laying on his back crawl, awkward sideways bounce crawl and butt first to my face crawl.” - Amy

When asked why she wanted professional pet photography of Wallace, Amy replied.

“I decided to have a photography session done because only in pictures can you really capture how fast your animal really grows.”

Have a peak at Wallace’s images here:

Fun Puppy Facts:

Did you Know……..

1. That puppies are blind and deaf at birth. On day one, their eyes are firmly shut and their ear canals are closed. They cannot see and hear until they are almost 2 weeks old.

2. New puppies have heat sensors in their noses to find their moms while their eyes and ears are closed.

3. Puppies are born toothless. At 2 to 4 weeks of age, a puppy’s 28 baby teeth start to come in. At 12 - 16 weeks old, those baby teeth fall out and by the time the pups are approximately 6 months old, they will have 42 adult teeth.

4. Puppies sleep between 15 - 20 hours per day. Sleep is critical for the puppy’s developing brain, muscles and immune system. Puppies should have their own designated sleeping area so they can sleep undisturbed.

5. Dalmatian puppies are born without spots. They are born white and spotless. The markings usually appear around four weeks.

6. Puppies grow to half their body weight in the first four to five months.

7. Just like human fingerprints, no two dogs’ nose prints are alike.

8. A puppy reaches his/her full size between 12 and 24 months.

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Beth Photography - Pet Photographer - Servicing the Ottawa, Cornwall area.

Curious about having your pet’s picture taken?

“Hi, my name is Beth Alexander and I am a Pet Photographer that services the Ottawa to Cornwall area.

I believe that all life is beautiful, and that we need to protect and respect all kinds, not just mankind.

I LOVE being a pet photographer, it's the best of both worlds! I get to meet awesome animal lovers like me and I get to hang out with their amazing pets.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s chat soon."