Red Roan Horse - Horse Photographer that services Ottawa to Cornwall and everything in between!

Bullseye the lazy, cuddly, loyal red roan and Bella the spicy, energetic, special black mare!
— Rosemarie

“At RLH Equestrian I do Western and English coaching, horse training, boarding and breeding. I have had both of these horses since I was a young age.

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Bella is a 6 Holsteiner cross Hanoverian. I love it when she acts like the jumps were no big deal!

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Bullseye a 6 American Solid Bred Paint is always napping ….. life is not stressful for him! lol” - Rosemarie

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Why did you want professional pet photography of your horses?

To create an ad for Bullseye’s stallion page and have fun photos with Bella!

Beth Photography - Pet Photographer - Servicing the Ottawa, Cornwall area.

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