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Meet Rio, Ryder and Dax the charming, quirky, talented Australian Shepherds.

“ I had been debating for years if I should get a family dog since our last one died. But when I saw baby Rio's face it was a done deal! She had my heart before I even met her. When we did meet, it was like we were meant to be! I thought that was it, but I had this strong urge to do more for her. She was my everything and did so much for me. I felt bad for leaving her alone all day. That's when I decided on Ryder.

How was it possible that I felt bad for one dog when I brought the other one to class?!?! Apparently very possible! I was only loosely thinking about a third dog. I was at the breeders dropping off a dog that I had taken in for a week, and she was prepping puppies to be picked up by their new owners. That's when Dax looked at me....and then there were three!

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I love when Rio comes right up for a cuddle! She is very intuitive and seems to know when we need it.

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There is nothing better than coming home to Ryder's forehead and eyes peeking out the front door! I can just tell his whole body is wiggling in excitement and anticipation!

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And baby Dax is just such a goofy boy. Everything this boy does makes me laugh. I love it when he gallops towards me with his big smile!” - Angela

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When asked why she wanted professional pet photography of her dogs done, Angela replied.

“ I just adore my dogs and wanted to capture their spirit in a creative way, a way I can’t accomplish.

I first saw your work at the Ottawa Pet Expo and have followed you since. You have a great personality and I admire your passion.” - Angela

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