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The Puppy stage does not last! They change so rapidly within the first year- it’s too easy to forget how tiny they were when they first came home, and how quickly they grow up.

My New Family Member Package is perfect for capturing these precious moments to remember.

Meet Wallace the one year old affectionate protector.

When I asked Amy why she got Wallace, she told me that she had a boxer named Eddie and he really needed a sibling and that every pet should have a furry friend to play with.

It makes me laugh when I’m laying in bed and Wallace crawls up to my face in whichever position he’s in…. Weird laying on his back crawl, awkward sideways bounce crawl and butt first to my face crawl.

I decided to have a photography session done because only in pictures can you really capture how fast your animal really grows.

Just saw them, LOVE them soooo much, they are amazing!! Is it weird I got all choked up looking through them? lol - Amy
— Of course I said it was not weird at all!😉

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