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Meet Clifford the German Shepherd, Riley and Max the Chocolate Labs.

“All of our boys are rescues ...

Riley (12) was returned to the breeder and having a hard time being placed because he was older and unsocialized.

Clifford (7) was a victim of divorce. His family left him in their South Shore apartment while they separated and moved into apartments that didn’t allow pets. He was alone in an empty apartment. He broke my heart.

Max (2) was tied to a building for the first 18 months of his life. He had never been in a house. He was unsocialized and borderline feral. He has come such a long way! He is our most recent addition with boundless energy and curiosity. 💚

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I love how our boys are just happy in life! They don’t waste a second on their past. Riley appears to be the stoic one - but he is trouble! He’s the one that alerts the pack to impending squirrel invasions. It’s the only thing that gets him barking and putting on a full show.

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I love Clifford’s obsession with tomatoes and carrots. We have to hide our veggies behind closed cupboards or he will abscond with them! He is the most intelligent and loyal dog that I have ever had the privilege of sharing my life and family with.

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Max is the fool. He is a toddler with teeth. He bonded with our other two dogs before he became interested in his human family. Now ... he is comedy, loyalty and the most intense nibbler and smuggler we have ever had. He never ceases to amuse us!”

- Cathy

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When asked why she wanted professional pet photography of her dogs, Cathy replied.

“I have always wanted a professional photo shoot of my pack ... winning the Winter Fun Session was our opportunity!”

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