I wish I had Known This Before I got my Puppy!

Here is a collection of "I wish I had known this before I got my Puppy" moments that I hope will be informative and helpful for you and your new best friend.

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JOY - Puppies are pure joy! You can't help but love those adorable little faces, wiggly bodies and wagging tails. Who needs a TV when you have a new puppy?

IRRITATION - You have to be ready for chewing, peeing, pooping and whimpering for several weeks. 

COMPANION - You will never be alone again.  Not even in the bathroom! Dogs are social creatures and like to spend time with their human family wherever they go.

SAFETY - Your home needs to be puppy-proofed...More to come on this topic in our next blog.

FOOD - Puppies need to be fed 3 - 4 times per day and taken outside immediately after eating or drinking so they can do their business and become house-trained. Puppies often pee or poop every hour or two so they need access to their puppy pee pad &/or taken outside regularly.

EXHAUSTION - A puppy might wake you several times a night to go pee or just to play. Small breeds with small bladders need more frequent potty breaks than larger breeds.

EXERCISE - Puppies need to have regular daily walks and socialization. However, do not let them socialize with other dogs until they have had their first puppy vaccination shots which generally takes 2 - 3 months. 

DESTRUCTION - Slippers, socks, chair legs, and woodwork doesn’t stand a chance when there is a new puppy in the house. This is why it is best to contain them in a safe environment while you are away.  Some people use a dog crate while they are away or puppy playpen to keep them safe until you are confident they are through their "chew-anything" stage. 

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SPAYED/NEUTERED - It is very important to get your puppy spayed or neutered if you will not be breeding it. Your vet will advise on the age this procedure should be done for your specific puppy. This procedure will keep your puppy healthier and also reduce the chances of your puppy having cancerous tumours in their lifetime.

ID - Your puppy can be microchipped at the Vet clinic to ensure he/she can be returned home safely if they are ever lost. 

MOUTH - Puppies and Dogs need their teeth brushed just like humans. Talking with your vet about dental hygiene will help you keep those pearly whites, white!

FOOD DANGERS - Some foods are extremely poisonous or fatal to puppies and dogs - ie onions, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, chocolate, coffee/tea and more. Also, ensure your puppy does not eat cigarette or cigar butts as these can be fatal.

VACCINATIONS - Puppies and dogs need regular vet visits to keep their vaccination shots up to date for good health.  It is also the law in Ontario that all puppies be immunized against rabies, with the first shot at 3 months and boosters for the remainder of their life.

CAR DANGERS - Never leave your puppy or dog in a car. Temperatures inside cars skyrocket in a matter of minutes, even if it is not particularly hot outside. Here is a blog on the dangers of leaving dogs in cars.

It may seem crazy to willingly put ourselves through the task of raising a puppy. Rest assured, although you may be at your wit’s end from time to time, the reward a puppy brings far exceeds any irritation or exhaustion.

Here is a little checklist to help you get started:


Do you have a puppy? Are you a puppyhood survivor? Tell us – Your, I wish I knew moments below.

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