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 “Griffin & Bentley are Energetic, Playful and Loving 3 year old Australian Shepherds.”

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“Jordan and I both grew up having dogs. It took us a while to figure out which breed would be a good fit for us as a couple. We decided that Australian Shepherds were a good fit for us after visiting a family friend who owned one. They are intelligent and very loyal companions.

The beautiful colours are also what sucked us in! I mean, have you seen Griffin’s face? It’s perfect! Look at Bentley’s gorgeous blue eyes! Wowie! Haha.

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I actually have YouTube videos of Griffin and Bentley arriving home:

Griffin’s: Our Fur Baby - Life With Griffin
Bentley’s: Little Brother Coming Home

They are amazing with our son, (their human brother) Rowan. He’s only a year old, but from day one, they have loved him unconditionally. When Rowan would cry as a teeny tiny baby, the dogs would find us in the house, and bring us to Rowan’s bassinet. Now that Rowan is walking, they pull him in his sleigh, and play with him all day long!”

- Carley

Bentley & Griffin were also featured in the Daily Dog Tag!

Check them out by click the link:

Daily Dog Tag

Beth Photography - Pet Photographer - Servicing the Ottawa, Cornwall area.

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