Tips for preparing for an equine photo shoot ...

So here's my advice on how to prep for a successful equine photo shoot. Before anything else be sure you've found the right photographer for your personality and that you've seen examples of their work.

Ask for a pre-shoot consultation to discuss what you are looking for in your photos. Discuss your horse's disposition and location for your horse photography session.

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Two Weeks Before Your Equine Photo Shoot

  • Schedule hair and nail appointments.

  • Put together your outfits and send for cleaning as necessary. 

  • Gather session tack and accessories.

  • Scout location! Look for great backdrops and lighting.

  • Practice your equine photo shoot hair and makeup.

    Three Days Before Your Equestrian Photo Session

  • Clean all your tack, even backups. You never know what will inspire you!

  • Clean up the equine photo session areas like the area or barn aisles.

  • Pull manes and tails, trim legs and faces.

  • Make sure all paperwork is signed and necessary payments have been made.

    Day Before Your Horse Photo Shoot

  • Bathe your horse.

  • Double-check and pack your outfits and accessories.

  • Prepare and pack all needed tack.

    Morning of Your Equine Photo Shoot

  • Feed your horse a low-energy meal.

  • Give nervous horses a light work out like lunging. Rinse to remove sweat.

  • Treat any stains that appeared over night.

  • Re-trim muzzle and any stray hairs.

  • Groom your horse to show quality. Apply sheen spray, face and hoof polish, etc.

    Before the Start of Your Equine Photography Shoot

  • Last wipe to clean any dust off tack. 

  • Wipe horse's face and mouth. Re-apply spray to polish horse's coat.

  • Shine your boots.

  • Apply fly spray as necessary.

  • Touch up your makeup and hair.

  • Clothing check for dust, slobber or stray hay.

  • Be sure to hydrate.

Most importantly, relax and have fun during my equine photo shoot!

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