Chihuahua - Beth Alexander is a Pet Photographer that services Ottawa to Cornwall and everything in between!

Meet Emily the 10 year old and Frankie the 5 year old Friendly, Smart, Tiny and Brave Chihuahuas.

“I had 2 Border Collies before my Chihuahuas and I always thought of having a dog small enough to take everywhere with me....not so easy with larger breeds.

Emily has travelled all over North America with me in the first 5 years of her life.

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When I decided to breed Emily, keeping Frankie was the best decision I made. He is Emily's last born puppy.

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The two of them have travelled with me on a regular basis. I love them with all of my heart. I love taking them with me when I go kayaking. As soon as I take the kayak off my car and onto the ground, they jump right into it. I place a boogie board with a towel at the front end of my kayak for them to sit and lay on. It's my favorite activity to do with them.

Frankie is the biggest (tiny) cuddler ever. He acts so scared when he is being petted, but the minute you stop, he either shoves his head into your hand or gives you a "why did you stop?" look with a pulling motion from his paw to your hand. So cute!” - Rosie

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Why did you decide on professional Pet Photography?

“ I had the opportunity to have photos taken in the neighbourhood I grew up in. Beth has taken beautiful pictures of my Emily and Frankie at the Ottawa Pet Expo, and I thought she was the perfect person to take these sentimental photos.”

Was there something you were worried about before we worked together?

“I was completely secure with any decisions you made. You are a professional, with a great eye for pictures. Emily is such a brave little girl, she has no fear and will go anywhere, and I can put her in any location for a photo. She will sit and wait patiently for the photo, she's such a tiny model!” - Rosie

Check out how Emily & Frankie did on their session here:

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Curious about having your pet’s picture taken?

“Hi, my name is Beth Alexander and I am a Pet Photographer that services the Ottawa to Cornwall area.

I believe that all life is beautiful, and that we need to protect and respect all kinds, not just mankind.

I LOVE being a pet photographer, it's the best of both worlds! I get to meet awesome animal lovers like me and I get to hang out with their amazing pets.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s chat soon."