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Diesel the loyal 4 year old F1B Mini/Tiny Bernedoodle


Lexi the goofy 11 month old F1 mini Bernedoodle.

“ Diesel is our calm, cuddle bug and Lexi (still a puppy) is very hyper and energetic! She got a lot more of the Bernese than Diesel did, so she never wants to come in from outside.

Its so funny when they both sleep on their backs with all four legs in the air! 😂

We decided to have a pet photography session done because we just moved into our new home in November and wanted photos to help fill our bare walls.” - Brooke

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Check out how Diesel and Lexi did on their session here:

What is a Bernedoodle?

The Mini F1 Bernedoodle is a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. The Mini F1 Bernedoodle may vary in size, depending on the size of the Dam (Bernese Mountain Dog) and Sire (Toy or Miniature  Poodle).

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The miniature Bernedoodle may also vary in color and coat with the mini or toy poodle daddy being credited with the majority of these specific conformations.

What is the Bernedoodle’s temperament like?

Bernedoodles tend to blend the best attributes of the Bernese and the Poodle. They are fun, friendly, playful, goofy, sociable dogs. In other words, the perfect companion dogs! Gentle around children and the elderly, these dogs just seem to know what people can handle. In fact, they make excellent therapy dogs as they are easy to train, very intelligent and love to work.

Bernedoodles do need to be taught right from wrong. Since they are very intelligent and sociable, a lack of training or human interaction can lead to problems. Purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs can be strong-willed, and that trait may also show in the Bernedoodle. Training and exercise will make both owner and Bernedoodle happy.

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Most Bernedoodles have a moderate activity level. They love to play, run, hike and fetch, but when it’s time to relax, they definitely have an “off” switch. 

These are social, loyal dogs, and do best when fully integrated in your life. Like most dogs, they want to be with you and part of the action.

For more information on this breed click here.

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“Hi, my name is Beth Alexander and I am a Pet Photographer that services the Ottawa to Cornwall area.

I believe that all life is beautiful, and that we need to protect and respect all kinds, not just mankind.

I LOVE being a pet photographer, it's the best of both worlds! I get to meet awesome animal lovers like me and I get to hang out with their amazing pets.

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