Cockapoo Dog - Pet Photography

Meet Cosmo the 6 month old Cockapoo

“When our daughter was born we found out she was allergic to our beloved cats. But after rehoming them we couldn't imagine our life without a pet. We began looking for a puppy that was hypoallergenic and we just couldn't resist purchasing Cosmo after we met her. We really wanted a dog for our daughter to grow up with.

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We love to go on walks as a family and cuddle up on the couch with Cosmo.” - Jordan

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If you were going to interview your pet what question would you ask?

“Why do you have to collect any and all socks you can find around the house? You even go looking specifically to see if there are any in your reach.”🤔

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Was there something you were worried about that your pet would do or not do before your photography session?

“Yes, I was worried that because of all his energy, you wouldn't be able to get any great shots but our session was amazing!”

Why did you decide on professional Pet Photography?

“Cosmo is our first pet and we really wanted to capture some beautiful images to look back on.”

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Check out how Cosmo did on his session here:

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Curious about having your pet’s picture taken?

“Hi, my name is Beth Alexander and I am a Pet Photographer that services the Ottawa to Cornwall area.

I believe that all life is beautiful, and that we need to protect and respect all kinds, not just mankind.

I LOVE being a pet photographer, it's the best of both worlds! I get to meet awesome animal lovers like me and I get to hang out with their amazing pets.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s chat soon."