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Beautiful, fun, family!
These are three words that best describe my animals.
— Nat

Welcome to Bee Meadow Farm - We have Sandy the Fjord horse, Roo the chestnut Quarter horse, Gen the bay roan Quarter horse, Saul the donkey, Finney the chestnut pony, Jimmy the blue roan Shetland pony and Esme the paint pony.

I run a farm mostly filled with rescue animals. Gen was given to us by a friend who felt she could no longer give Gen the attention she needed. We bought Sandy and Roo for our riding horses. We were looking for horses already trained as we were novice riders at the time. These three horses live with our three rescue ponies Jimmy, Finney and Esme, and our donkey Saul.

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I love it when Saul the donkey whacks Finney the pony on the head with his ball. I enjoy watching all the horses play together! It's hilarious when they roll in the mud... until I have to brush them. ;)

I love how free-spirited they all are. Their personalities are all very different”. - Nat

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Why did you want professional pet photography of your horses?
“I love Beth’s photos, and she was looking for horses to take photos of, so it was a match made in heaven!”
— Nat

Beth Photography - Pet Photographer - Servicing the Ottawa, Cornwall area.

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