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Atlas the sweet, hilarious, naughty


Molly the sassy, smart, cuddly

Portuguese Water Dogs

“ After lots of research, we decided a Portuguese Water dog would be a great fit for our family. We were so fortunate to meet an amazing, responsible breeder who spent lots of time getting to know us, to match us with the best puppy for our family.

Beth Photography - Pet Photographer -Servicing Ottawa to Cornwall

Molly has been the best (and most challenging) dog we could have ever asked for. We’ve learned so much together and have earned 3 obedience titles.

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Our breeder became our biggest resource and a close friend. Last year when Molly’s sister had a beautiful litter of 14 puppies, we decided to keep the “pick of the litter” and try our hand at conformation!

Atlas instantly fit in to our family. At only a year old he already has his Canadian Championship, Canadian Good Neighbour Certificate and a Rally Obedience title.

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Molly and Atlas play together constantly. When we’re gone to work, Molly lies right beside Atlas’ crate all day.” - Meagan

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Molly & Atlas were also featured in the Daily Dog Tag!

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Beth Photography - Pet Photographer - Servicing the Ottawa, Cornwall area.

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