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Adopting Shelter or Rescue Animals 

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The stigma that all shelter animals are unpredictable and come with behavioural issues is simply not true.

Most shelter pets wound up there because of a human problem like a move or a divorce, not because the animals did anything wrong.

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Here are ten reasons to adopt your new best friend!

1. You will save not one, but two lives!!! – The life of the animal you adopt and the space that opens up for another dog in the shelter or rescue.

2. Animal shelters and rescue groups are brimming with happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home, just like this beautiful pack of rescues! click here to read their “Pet Love” Story.

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3. Usually when you adopt a pet, the cost of the spay/neuter procedure, first vaccinations (and sometimes even microchipping!) is included in the adoption price. This can save you some of the up-front costs of adding a new member to your family.

4. If you buy a dog from a pet store, online seller or flea market, you’re almost certainly getting a dog from a puppy mill.

Puppy mills are factory-style breeding facilities that put profit above the welfare of dogs. Animals from puppy mills are housed in shockingly poor conditions with improper medical care, and are often very sick and behaviourally troubled as a result.

These puppy mills continue to stay in business through deceptive tactics — their customers are unsuspecting consumers who shop in pet stores, over the Internet or through classified ads. Puppy mills will continue to operate until people stop supporting them.

By adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue, you can be certain you aren't giving them a dime!

Note: Some Pet Stores work with shelters like the SPCA, if you would to know more about some local trusted Pet Stores click this link for more information.

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5. Many adult dogs are already potty-trained, saving you a lot of time and training. Adopting a mature pet not only gives older animals a second chance, it often means introducing them to your family will be much easier than introducing a puppy.

6. If you are adopting from a rescue group, they will be able to tell you all about the animal’s personality so there are no surprises when you bring the animal home.

7. Mixed breed dogs tend to have less inherited genetic health problems.

8. Private rescue groups will generally take the animal back if it’s not a good match.

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9. You’ll get bragging rights! ;) No one needs to see another selfie—unless it’s a selfie of you with the adorable pet you just adopted!;) Adopt a pet, post those pictures and let the well-earned “likes” roll in. #adoptdontshop

10. Lastly, you will change a homeless animal's whole world and get a new best friend out of the deal. Seriously, what could be better than that?

One of the biggest decisions you will make is whether to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group or buy a puppy from a breeder.

  • If you have already decided you want to buy a puppy from a breeder, click this link for more information on finding a responsible breeder.

  • If you have already decided you want to rescue a dog, click this link for more information about adoption tips, from choosing the right companion to teaching your pet (in a positive way!) the behaviours you'd like to see more or less often.

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