Spring Safety Tips for your Pet

Spring has finally sprung!

Everyone wants to start spring cleaning, but household cleaning products can be very dangerous for your pets. Bleaches and soaps can irritate your pet's skin and can be deadly if ingested.  Keep all cleaning supplies stored safely away and ensure your pet has been removed from the area where you are cleaning.

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Springtime brings yard work.  Everyone wants the greenest grass on the block.  Unfortunately, the fertilizer which you use is poisonous and potentially fatal to your pets.  Keep your furry friends off any treated areas for at least 24 hours or opt for pet-safe products. 

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If you have an enclosed yard, don't forget to check your perimeter fencing in the Spring for signs of wildlife damage during the winter. You want to ensure your pets will be contained in your yard and unable to escape.  There are also products on the market which allow you to install a temporary fence barrier to protect your pet.

With the arrival of spring comes fleas, ticks and mosquitoes Educate yourself on different types of ticks found in your area and remember to inspect your pet for signs of these tiny ticks after any outings. Now, is a great time to speak to your vet to ensure your pet is up to date with flea and tick treatments and heartworm prevention medication.

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Don't forget to tag your pet.  Dogs and cats can wear identification tags.  Humane Societies or Municipalities will issue a tag and keep your name on file so they can contact you if the pet is found.  Another option is to tag the pet with a microchip which is implanted beneath the pet's skin by a veterinarian.  If your pet should become lost, the chip can be scanned by a vet, or animal control officer and returned safely to your home. Of course, don't forget to inspect your dog's collar and leash for signs of wear and tear. There are many different types of chew-resistant, padded, adjustable and washable collars and leashes on the market. Take the time to find one suited for your special dog.  

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Light your pet up in the evenings for fashionable style and safety.  Consider purchasing an illuminated dog collar so your dog is highly visible on your evening walk. 

Lastly, when exercising your pet, be mindful of the surroundings down at your pet's level.  Puppies can get nicotine poisoning by chewing on discarded cigar or cigarette butts.

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Keeping your pet safe will ensure you both get to enjoy the arrival of another glorious Spring.

Here are some local resources to help you out:

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