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What's a floppy disk?  Consider the fact that for years you have used DVDs and CDs to store digital files and now that Apple has decided not to install optical drives into their computers anymore, that medium is slowly starting to disappear. You’ll soon have a generation of images that were stored on discs that may not even be (easily) accessible. On the other hand, if you made prints as well, then these changes in technology wouldn’t have a negative impact on you being able to continue to enjoy your images. 

Physical prints also give you heirlooms to pass down as you move on in your life. Passing down a box of hard drives just doesn't have the same appeal.  There is something nostalgic and romantic about being able to curl up on the couch and look back at a photo album without having to flip open a laptop and press the “next” button dozens of times.

Printing images comes from my desire to create and share something tangible and special in this age of digital noise and the culture of “now” and “more.”  Which is why I have decided to offer prints as part of my digital packages.  It is about the preservation of moments and ensuring that your memories will be guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Beth Photography - Pet Photographer - Servicing the Ottawa, Cornwall area.

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