Pet Industry Business Photography Agreement

What is Copyright?.....It's a law that protects artists from people stealing their work. All it means is, I created the work so it belongs to me. You paid me however, so you can do what you like with the images, apart from editing them or using them for commercial usage or contest entries. If you want to show off your photos on Facebook or anywhere else online, share away. I'm proud of my work!

Commercial Usage is defined as: using images that a photographer produces for commercial purposes. This includes selling or distributing items made from the images.  You pay for the license only once, and you can use it forever without any further payment obligations but I retain the copyright to the images.  “You are acquiring the right to use a photo in anyway you want, not the property of the photo itself.”

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By entering your name below you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the following conditions. You are signing on behalf of all family and friends being photographed in this session. The CLIENT assumes all responsibility for their animal(s), children or any other subjects during the session, including any and all destruction of personal, business or public property, personal injury, or illegalities. 1. All original digital files remain the property of BETH PHOTOGRAPHY. 2. Copyright remains the sole property of BETH PHOTOGRAPHY and cannot be reproduced in any form without prior consent and written permission from BETH PHOTOGRAPHY. 3. BETH PHOTOGRAPHY has permission to use any photographs taken by the photographer in competitions, exhibitions, editorial and other advertising purposes. 4. BETH PHOTOGRAPHY reserves the right to alter any photograph prior to its use or sale. 5. All work is guaranteed as to photographic quality and craftsmanship and will be edited at the discretion of BETH PHOTOGRAPHY. All editing will include colour correction and processing in accordance with standard workflow. Special requests such as airbrushing, liquifying, and removal of objects is beyond the scope of the regular editing workflow and will be quoted on a custom basis. 6. BETH PHOTOGRAPHY shall not be held responsible for non-performance due to changes of schedule, tardiness of the CLIENT or family members, unwilling subjects, mechanical failure, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond the control of BETH PHOTOGRAPHY. In the event that BETH is unable to complete the contract, session fee payment will be refunded to the CLIENT. 7. BETH PHOTOGRAPHY keeps copies of the edited digital files, but it’s possible these may not be able to be provided later past the online access of online gallery for 21 days. (So the CLIENT is responsible for backing up all images once files are received.) 8. BETH PHOTOGRAPHY may use, or authorize the use of the photos (including our appearance, likeness and form) for any purpose, including in publications, advertising, websites, blogs, display or promotion at Beth’s discretion. We release Beth and any licensees and assignees from any claims and demands in connection with the photos or any derivative works or their future use.
SAFE WORKPLACE: BETH PHOTOGRAPHY reserves the right to a safe working environment and will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse or harassment of any sort. Should a situation arise where employees of BETH PHOTOGRAPHY feel threatened, Beth will inform the CLIENT on the first incident. If any further incidents occur, BETH PHOTOGRAPHY reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately. BETH PHOTOGRAPHY is not responsible for loss of funds or missing images after this point. CHILD SAFETY: BETH PHOTOGRAPHY does not accept responsibility for any children left unsupervised while the session is taking place. While every effort will be made to protect children from serious injury, no effort will be made to intervene in situations that present risk of property or personal damage. If you would not leave your child unattended in a particular circumstance, please do not leave them alone with me in that circumstance. CONTACT INFO: Should any changes in the CLIENT’S address or contact details occur between the signing of this contract and the delivery of services or goods, it is the responsibility of the CLIENT to inform BETH PHOTOGRAPHY of the change. BETH PHOTOGRAPHY cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery or performance of contracted tasks if not informed of changes to contact information. DELIVERY: BETH PHOTOGRAPHY guarantees the delivery of client galleries within 4 weeks of the session date. BETH PHOTOGRAPHY'S prices are valid for 21 days after the delivery of the gallery. Orders placed by the CLIENT 22 days after the date of the gallery's delivery will be subject to new rates where applicable.
The CLIENT further agrees that BETH PHOTOGRAPHY reserves the right to display any photographs made in conjunction with this order as a sample of Beth’s work, for the purpose of window and showroom exhibit, advertising, publication, instruction, website and professional competition.